Sire & Dam

Sire- Farm Oldesouth CD Red Alert *B

Dam- Odds Are C Nalmea

Sire's Parents

Sire- Farm Oldesouth Cognac Diamond *B

Dam- SGCH AGS Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M

Dam's Parents

Sire- CH AGS Mystiques BN Como

Dam- Odds Are T Saphira

About Rozz

DOB  2/03/2019   When Rozz was born we just went wow. She and her sister,  Tilly, are so nice. Really looking forward to watching her mature

Awards, Show Wins & Linear Appraisal

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Milk Records

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Sire & Dam

Sire- Odds Are SK Roy O'Bannon

Dam- Odds Are T Xrima 2*M

Sire's Parents

Sire- AGS Piddlin Acres PV Shanghi Knight

Dam- SG AGS Little Dipper Bebes Orphan Annie *M

Dam's Parents

Sire- CH AGS Mystiques DSO Tuxedo Blues

Dam- SGCH AGS Little Dipper DITW MsMoneyBags *M

About Anna

DOB  2/26/2019  Anna is our very first attempt at a line breeding on Annie's  (our foundation doe) bloodlines. Annie is granddam to Anna through the  sire, Roy, and auntie to Anna through her dam, Xrima. She looks just  like Annie and we hope & pray she matures to be a carbon copy of  Annie.

Awards, Linear Appraisal & Show Wins

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Milking Records

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